The Art of Beth Hughes

I'm a 21 year old artist who loves telling stories and using art to get those stories out. I was lucky enough to complete two years at RCAD in their Computer Animation program. After realizing my passions lie more in preproduction, I left and will now be attending Sheridan College for their Visual and Creative Arts program. For freelancing or job opportunities, please contact me via email.

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Day 2…Sorta!

Already fell off the wagon!  Only two more days of my summer job, then hopefully I won’t be so dead tired and be able to draw!

Going to try and start doing daily drawings like this.  Hopefully it’ll help me improve!  So…

Day #1: King and Queen

Night Fury



ideas for what to say:

  • how would you describe my art?
  • what does my art remind you of?
  • what would you like to see done with my style?
  • what do you like about my art?
  • what do you dislike about my art?
  • what do you think i should work on?

thank you everyone <3 kisses

I would like it if someone told me what I should draw more of.

I found this in one of my old folders; an idea for a kid’s book I’d love to do someday. :D

Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.


Hey guys!  I’m so excited; Candy just texted and alerted me that our book is available now for Kindle on Amazon.  It will be released in hardcover on August 25th, but go check it out!

Yeah I have an :D

Hey guys!  Here’s a preview of the book I’ve been illustrating.  It’s so exciting to see it all coming together and I hope you all enjoy the book! :D