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I'm a 21 year old artist who loves telling stories and using art to get those stories out. I was lucky enough to complete two years at RCAD in their Computer Animation program. After realizing my passions lie more in preproduction, I left and will now be attending Sheridan College for their Visual and Creative Arts program. For freelancing or job opportunities, please contact me via email.

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Some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb.


Hey guys!  I’m so excited; Candy just texted and alerted me that our book is available now for Kindle on Amazon.  It will be released in hardcover on August 25th, but go check it out!

Yeah I have an :D

Hey guys!  Here’s a preview of the book I’ve been illustrating.  It’s so exciting to see it all coming together and I hope you all enjoy the book! :D

I usually post OC stuff on my personal, but I’m pretty happy with how this turned out so…

Demi hit me with a really cute headcanon about our loser characters a few days ago and I remembered it last night while trying to think of what to draw and yupppp

Ashley (Mr. Mohawk cutie) belongs to noodlerface and Brody (brown haired loser face) is mine.  :)

Super quick Musicians of Bremen gang

Hi guys!  Okay wow, I jumped up like, 400 followers over just a few days??  Apparently my art was on the radar.  (I’m guessing it was that silly Toothless practice I did hahah).  But yeah, hi!  I guess I should do a little welcome/introduction thing!

Anyway, my name’s Beth and I’m a student/illustrator/aspiring vis dev artist.  I’ll be attending Sheridan in the fall, for their Visual and Creative arts program and attended Ringling for two years in their Computer Animation program.  I’m currently an illustrator for The Omnibus Publishing, working with Candy Grant on some of her books.  I love drawing and animation and hope to some day work as a visual development artist at an animation studio, and maybe get the chance to work on some of my own stories.

It’s nice to see all of you! And I’d love to talk/get to know anyone, so feel free to leave me a message.  I am open for commissions, if you’re interested.  And also, here’s some other places to find me:


I hope you guys are all having a wonderful weekend and a happy summer!

Hey guys!  My profile’s been added to my publisher’s website!

Another painting practice.  Still need to work on defining planes and contrast.
I used premade lineart for this one because I wanted to focus on the actual painting rather than worrying if my drawing looked correct.

More palettes! :D